In 2020, as the world grappled with the challenges posed by the pandemic, a remarkable success story emerged in the form of Two Stacks Irish Whiskey. Co-founded by Donal McLynn, Liam Brogan, and Shane McCarthy, this award-winning company not only weathered the storm but grew exponentially, spreading its influence worldwide.

Before the creation of Two Stacks, McLynn, Brogan, and McCarthy had been active in the drink industry for five years under their umbrella company, Ireland Craft Beverages. This platform served as an export avenue, enabling small craft beer and spirit producers in Ireland to access new markets. However, when the pandemic struck, their business was severely impacted, leading to a crucial turning point.

Shane McCarthy (left) with his Two Stacks co-founders Donal McLynn (right) and Liam Brogan (centre).

Seizing the opportunity to adapt, the team focused their efforts on developing Two Stacks. Leveraging their extensive knowledge and experience in the industry, encompassing design, branding, sales, networking, and marketing, they possessed all the necessary ingredients to create something truly exciting. McLynn described it as a natural progression, and they were fortunate to find an importer in California who shared their passion, vision, and maverick approach to whiskey. Particularly notable was their bold idea of releasing Dram in a Can, which propelled Two Stacks from concept to marketable product in under a year. The official launch took place in August 2020 at Belfast Whiskey Week, featuring two core products and four single cask expressions, followed by a successful launch in the United States in March.

Fast forward two years, and Two Stacks has expanded its reach to over 25 markets worldwide, including prestigious duty-free locations such as Dubai, Dublin, and Qatar. The company’s exceptional achievements have garnered numerous awards, most notably securing the Best Single Pot Still accolade at the Irish Whiskey Awards, breaking the 11-year winning streak of IDL (Jameson).

McLynn proudly shared, “We have opened our own bonding facility, where we house and mature whiskey, some of which is distilled exclusively for our needs, while others are carefully sourced from respected distilleries.” Two Stacks has become a champion of the art of bonding and blending, embracing transparency and innovation as its core principles. Through its creative and modern approach, the company injects a fresh and vibrant energy into an industry often steeped in heritage and tradition.

Despite the challenges posed by a global pandemic, Two Stacks Irish Whiskey has emerged as a testament to resilience, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit. With its worldwide growth, remarkable product range, and commitment to pushing the boundaries of whiskey-making, the future looks bright for this exceptional company.