eComemrce is one of the fastest growing industries driving and changing the way we all live. It has connected buyers, sellers and end users of all types and continues to experience incredible market growth — which is only accelerated in these COVID-times. Selling online is becoming more of a necessity than ever before, but how do you get started?

The topic can feel daunting and task-filled. With so many products to choose from, eCommerce complexities, site design and development, how does a SME take on the challenge and keep daily business running?

In this WTC Dublin web conference series we will tackle the issue, break it down into digestible, attainable pieces, outline helpful planning and preparation, a process to get started, and finally help demystify the products and platforms involved.

Session one covers the following:

In our second session, we review the essential aspects and decisions you will need to consider in preparing your site’s structure. We will discuss important considerations such as single vs. multi-page sites, navigation considerations, hero images, and product information or descriptions that will be required to represent your products for sale.

We will also cover the general use of responsive design for mobile and tablet use.