WTC Dublin Member Highlight: Ri Na Mara

Co. Galway
“Ri NA MARA, Irish Seaweed Cosmetics” based in Spideal launched their range of luxury seaweed extract cosmetics in 2004. Face cream, Body cream, Face mask, Bodylotion, Seaweed Foaming bath and Seaweed Shower Gel. All are high in marine extract. Ri Na Mara carefully select and harvest plants off the West coast of Ireland which host the purest marine waters in Europe. Following three years research and development which included research throughout Europe, particularly France, RÍ NA MARA discovered that all the same species of seaweed are thriving on the west coast of Ireland, the company have created a method of extracting the great wealth of proteins, vitamins and minerals from the different indigious seaweed species to moisturise and protect your skin. RÍ Na Mara select a variety of different types of seaweeds including Laminaria Digitata, Chondrus Crispus, Fucus Serratus, Fucus Vesicolosus and Ascophyllum Nodosum all latin names for seaweed which are used internationally, people will be more familiar with the names Dillisk, Carraigin or bladderwrack / duileasc, cosainin carraige, feamainn bhui / dhubh.