WTC Dublin Member Highlight: My Apricot Kitchen

Co. Dublin
We grew up on the natural freshness and taste of the wholesome comfort food of Ma and Grandma. On looking back realise how thoughtful, loving and innovative they were. Growing up we pursued other careers, I graduated as a fashion designer, after juggling with two kids and roaming with my techie husband across the world ended up being a cake designer which gave me few accolades. Being passionate foodies we discovered the richness of diverse cuisine of each place, thoroughly enjoyed them and started recreating them in our kitchen. The overwhelming appreciation of our dishes in social events and parties highlighted our potential and motivated us to cater to a bigger audience and on the advice of friends decided to try lunch markets where we catered to a diverse group. The lunch markets turned out to be a great success and we were happy to see the satisfied faces of our customers many of whom also expressed interest in take home food like sauces and pastes. We then started creating our own products and subsequently shortlisted a set of sauces where the original flavours are maintained while adapting them to the Irish palette as some of them could be very strong. After stabilizing our range of ambient range of vegan vegetarian sauces we are now focusing on a new range of exciting Chilled ready to eat products which would subsequently followed by a frozen range.