A Conversation with Bassey Duke MBA MEng CMILT, CEO & Founder

Please share your overall experience at the 53rd WTCA General Assembly:

WTC is like a family of friends who all want to help businesses by sharing information, making connections, and entering into new markets. These are connections to decision makers which is the key differentiator versus other similar organizations. Apart from the connections, they also support businesses from samples all the way to full-blown orders.

Please share your most valuable outcome from your attendance:

I loved meeting such a diverse mix of people who I would never have interacted with if I was not a member of the WTC. Everyone I met who was from a WTC was very welcoming, we had good discussions and are already planning follow-ups based on the initial discussions.

Please share why a relationship with the WTC Dublin would be beneficial for Irish businesses:

It genuinely opens doors via the networking events to other WTC markets but it also opens doors within your market. WTC has strong links to companies making introductions to decision makers which does not guarantee business as you still need to pass the company due diligence but it gives you a fighting chance of proving once self to win business. WTC also does different things i.e. what you mentioned you are doing in China to give businesses exposure to these new markets.

About Pruune Consulting:

Pruune Consulting Ltd was opened in August 2017 by Founder and CEO Bassey Duke. Pruune Consulting specialises in procurement, supply chain, and logistics offering training, business process outsourcing, and project management. Pruune works with SMEs and multinationals helping them unlock profitability by reducing their operating costs, this is achieved by reducing purchasing prices and removing process waste by applying lean principles. Pruune is a team of dedicated procurement practitioners who are passionate about exceeding our customer’s expectations.

In 2019, Pruune added leadership training based on the John Maxwell content to its portfolio of service offerings. Pruune believes leadership is the foundation of every successful business and wants to train new managers, experienced managers, and C-level within organizations to increase performance and engagement.