With how rapidly the world around us is changing, people are desperately searching for more information than ever, and they’re looking for it online.

In fact, website traffic has remained consistently higher than pre-COVID averages for 10+ weeks straight!

It’s highly likely that in the last few weeks you’ve had to completely change your sales process, cut down on resources, and explored the possibility of an e-commerce platform to shift your go-to-market online. You’ve probably lost sleep thinking of ways to expand your customer support channels, how to share your educational content, and at the same time are worried about retaining your current customers.

Chances are, you are feeling overwhelmed, but don’t fret, we have your back!

If your website wasn’t already top-of-mind as a main resource to grow awareness for your business, sell products or services, or keep your prospects and customers informed – it should be now. That’s why this webinar is all about helping you pivot how you use your website — and fast.

Today, in-person sales meetings and handshake deals over coffee have been put on pause, and many are wondering – how do salespeople adjust? Is it still possible to buy and sell effectively in a remote and hesitant world?

Join HubSpot’s Diana Zalaquett, as she discusses how sellers like Zoom, PandaDoc and Vidyard as examples have been able to pivot their sales motion to break through to buyers. Prepare to discuss how you can pivot your website and take it from a place for your brand to live online, to an online growth machine.

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