WTC Dublin Member Highlight: Liz Christy

Co. Monaghan
Luxurious hand-woven Irish- scarves for women is the signature of Liz Christy’s design. Liz is a textile-designer and artist with an authentic style that embodies colour and warmth. She makes classic mens scarves too. All are hand-woven on manual looms. Swallow Studios is her place of work, set in the heart of Ireland, among the green drumlin hills, and visitors are welcome to call to see her team at work. Liz Christy, designer hand-weaver is inspired by Art, from paintings to poetry. She infuses her handwoven scarves with the hues of the changing seasons. Her colour palette echoes her surroundings; the fresh hues of springtime daffodils and bluebells, the vibrant highlights of the Irish summer landscape followed by rich shades of autumn and water-filled winter scenes.