If you are worried extended payment terms when working with international retailers and distributors about taking on a large order for an international retail chain then, you can manage you cash flow with Invoice Discounting 

One of the biggest challenges our members face when trading internationally is getting paid upfront by customers overseas. For example, working with the larger U.S. retailers can be an incredible opportunity given the scope of potential orders, however in many cases their payment terms can extend up to net 120 days.  In order to avoid this and not miss out on the opportunity, one option to consider is Invoice Discounting. This allows exporters to receive their payments upfront through a third party while establishing good and solid working relationships with their foreign customers by accepting and working within their payment terms.

Invoice discounting will allow you to get access to working capital, before you are paid, when selling your products and services to customers abroad. There is generally no limit to the funding available as it’s based on the purchase orders you receive. 

Accessing this finance is simple and only requires a few steps. The first thing to do is invoice your customer as normal. Get in touch with your invoice discount provider and generally within 24 hours you will be able to access your funds, namely an agreed % of your invoices. The payment will be collected from your customers on your behalf and finally you will be paid the remainder, minus any fees as agreed with you in advance.