Why importing to Ireland?


“Ireland is expected to be among the fastest-growing economies in the OECD this year and the next” – reported Michael Noonan, current Minister of Finance of Ireland. [1]

Ireland’s GPD has expanded by over 5% to 7% in the last two years. The recovery of the country is underway thanks to the Irish government’s steadfast commitment to reform. The fiscal, economic and financial policies have positively contributed to the expansion of economic activity.

What does Ireland import? (2014)


Source: The Atlas of Economic Complexity. An interactive website displaying charts with international trade data. Visit the website for a more detailed visualization of the charts featured in this article.

Ireland’s economy heavily relies on the exporting sectors, which have been recently supported by the increasing domestic demand. Furthermore, consumption has been growing due to the high rates of employment and the rising household incomes. [2]

Foreign Investment is a cornerstone for the Emerald Isle, especially in IT, medical and financial services sectors.


Where does Ireland import from? (2014)
Ireland imports

Source: The Atlas of Economic Complexity. 

The reforms and improvements in the public and fiscal sectors among others have vastly improved Ireland’s economic recovery. As stated above, Ireland was one of the fastest growing economies in 2015, and expected to remain like this throughout 2016.

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