How SMEs can Protect their Intellectual Property when Exporting
If you’re a small or medium sized exporter, or currently considering selling abroad, it’s vital that you protect your intellectual property. The World Trade Center Dublin recently hosted a webinar with crucial information on registering patents, trademarks and other safeguards to protect your brand and products. The webinar, led by MacLachlan & Donaldson attorneys Denise McCarthy and Carla MacLachlan, shared invaluable content for SMEs to understand the risks and the resources available to protect your business assets.

Learn more about IP protection funding opportunities for SMEs in Europe and Ireland:

1. EUIPO SME Fund (link)

  • Fund for SME’s to reimburse up to 50% of registration application fees and up to 75% of and IP Pre-Diagnostic Scan Services, up to a maximum of €1,500 in total.
  • IPOI now offers an IP Pre-Diagnostic Scan as well.
2. Enterprise Ireland (link)

  • Depending on eligibility: IP Start 80% grant for max 3 days; IP expert consultancy @€900/day.
  • IP Plus 50% grant toward spend of €35k on IP expert consultancy (€900/day) + €35k on internal IP Champion.