Happy Halloween from the World Trade Center Dublin’s Fine Confectioners & Decadent Dessert Members

Halloween Fun Fact: Ireland is considered the birthplace of modern Halloween, with its origins stemming from ancient Celtic and Pagan rituals and a festival called Samhain, or Samhuinn, which took place thousands of years ago. Today, both Ireland and Scotland celebrate Halloween with bonfires, games, and traditional foods like barmbrack, an Irish fruitcake that contains coins, buttons, and rings for fortune-telling.

Forest Feast

Skip the haunted house this Halloween, instead grab your broomstick and head straight to Forest Feast, where they are dishing out mouthwatering treats that are wrapped in glow-in-the-dark packaging and offering giveaways that every witch, warlock, and vampire hunger for.

Lorge Chocolatier

Enjoy this Halloween hotspot – if you dare! Lorge Chocolatier celebrates the Kenmare Halloween Howl-ish, offering amazing treats for all who desire only the best chocolate available this spooky season.

Golden Snack

Created to entice even the most demanding Halloween enthusiasts, Ghosts Snacks from Golden Snacks will satisfy every devilish craving you have! So don’t be afraid of these addictive snacks in salt, ketchup, and cheese flavors, that are sure to make you crave more – long into the future.


Attention all Ghouls and Goblins: Looking for a healthy way to satisfy your sweet tooth this Halloween? NearyNogs artisan chocolates are gluten-free and vegan. Sourced sustainably and wrapped in recycled packing, created from the highest quality stoneground chocolate available and now offered at SnackMagic. Sure to make you scream with delight with every perfect bite.

Hassetts Bakery

Hassett’s Bakery is Halloween Ready, offering loads of wickedly good pastries, including apple, raisin, and cinnamon danishes, that are guaranteed to satisfy every trick or treater’s ravenous appetite. Make sure to have extra’s on hand for all your family and friends planning on stopping by this weekend.

The Good Snack Compan

This Halloween trick your sweet tooth with The Good Snack’s delicious but incredibly healthy – savory and salty snacks! Every bite is sure to satisfy your hunger with ingredients sourced from around the world