Focused on the Future

“The future depends on what you do today.” ―Mahatma Gandhi

The future is full of hope and possibility. This fall, discover how our members are dedicated to making a positive contribution to our future and the future of others. Find out how they have adapted, pivoted, and now are focused on building a better and stronger world for all – utilizing sustainability, producing cruelty-free products, and through strategic innovation.

Tenuta Chiarmonte

Join Tenuta Chiarmonte‘s “Adopt a Tree” project and help preserve a piece of Ancient Sicilian culture. Enjoy the healthy, organic award-winning olive oil harvested from your own olive tree, all while contributing to the future of our environment.

Newgrange Gold

Support increasing and protecting biodiversity and your overall health with Newgrange Gold, producing superior oils. As an Origin Green member, they have installed bat and bird boxes and partnered with the East Coast Tree Project, all to aid in restoring local nature and fight climate change well into the future.

Niks Tea

Enjoy every single sip of Niks Tea‘s award-winning, healthy organic herbal teas – guaranteed to satisfy and excite the palate of all levels of tea drinkers. The brand’s innovative and creative flavors are recognized worldwide, along with their solid commitment to an “ecological production process” – packing the tea in compostable & biodegradable materials in an effort to implement sustainability practices that will benefit the environment today and for years to come.


Get ready to make a change with your DUC products purchase; they are investing in our future by donating a school kit to vulnerable children in Vietnam through the Christina Noble Children’s Foundation (CNCF) with every backpack sold. Additionally, 15% of their jr. bag proceeds go to Laura Lynn Ireland’s Children’s Hospice and produce their “Eco Polyester” collection from entirely recycled plastics. Together, we can make a difference in our future!

All Real Nutrition

Jump on the strategic innovation bandwagon by purchasing All Real Nutrition’s outstanding products, all wrapped in compostable packaging that entirely breaks down and returns to the soil. They are fully certified as an Origin Green facility for their sustainable manufacturing policies and are certified Plastic-Free, committed to supporting the well-being and future of our environment.


Become passionate about nature and sustainability with Millbee. The company is committed to providing better products for our children and the environment by using strategic innovation by creating Beewax Wraps, replacing traditional plastic wraps, along with starting the journey to become beekeeping experts determined to build a more natural living future for everyone, support Millbee’s efforts today by utilizing their products.


Congratulate Hassetts Bakery, that is dedicated to going above and beyond with producing superb products that have been awarded the Origin Green gold membership, committed to sustainability, responsible sourcing, and focused on reducing food waste and providing healthy nutritional products that are simply divine. Join Hassets in delivering a commitment to ensure our future is full of hope, possibilities, and fine food choices.

Ground Wellbeing

Immerse yourself in wellness with Ground Wellbeing sustainable products, developed by the Founder, Peigin Crowley, a “wellness curator” dedicated to developing and designing spa treatments and self-care products that offer a fluid path to “transformative experiences and intuitive healthcare.” Focused on making “wellness and self-care” accessible to all and promoting natural and organic living to “safeguard our health, our planet, and our children’s future” today and for years to come.

Daughters of Flowers

Discover the magic of Daughters of Flowers cruelty-free products made from the purest ingredients that are overall: organic, locally sourced, and sustainably wildcrafted from the land. The brand offers a variety of items, from bio-regional herbs, handpicked flowers to heirloom vintage pieces, all “intended to be loved and cherished” for years to come. Here you will find tradition and beauty carefully curated to ensure that the future is full of health, promise and strength.

Esker Fields

Surround yourself with natural beauty using Esker Fields handmade aromatherapy, cruelty-free skincare products. Each item is sourced from the highest quality sustainable ingredients and pure essential oils, chosen for their therapeutic properties, and packaged in 100% recyclable containers. The brand name was inspired by the rich Irish countryside, symbolizing a strong love of natural beauty that inspires the world to build a healthier tomorrow – starting today.


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