The World Trade Center Dublin takes immense pride in celebrating the artistic talent of our esteemed partners. Today, we are thrilled to introduce you to the exceptional and vibrant world of contemporary Irish artist, Eoin O’Connor. Eoin’s work is nothing short of exciting, fresh, and original, embodying the essence of his remarkable artistic journey.

Eoin’s artistic odyssey began over 25 years ago, following his departure from Cork, where he spent much of his childhood. He embarked on a degree in architecture but quickly realized that his true passion lay elsewhere. Deciding that architecture was not his calling, he dedicated his life to the world of art, and he has painted every day since.

Eoin continuously pushes the boundaries of his craft, exploring new techniques and mediums to ensure that each painting remains faithful to his original vision. His artistic journey is a constant evolution, fueled by his unwavering passion for painting, culminating in his recent transition from acrylic to oils, which has elevated his work to new heights.

A river running through a valley

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Renowned for his vibrant animal portraits, Eoin employs dynamic angles and a vivid color palette to bring out the unique character of each creature he portrays. From beloved cows to elegant horses, playful pigs, and even spirited hens, Eoin’s work captivates the essence of these animals.

The stunning landscapes of Ireland, both rural and modern, serve as a wellspring of inspiration for Eoin’s artwork. His portfolio includes an array of paintings that reflect his experiences, capturing the ever-changing light of the countryside, the tranquility of woodlands, the beauty of rivers, and the charm of local landmarks. These stunning pieces are created with high-quality materials and a diverse range of painting techniques.

Eoin O’Connor’s career has been marked by numerous milestones, including exhibitions in Ireland, the UK, Germany, the USA, and the UAE. His iconic portrait of actor Daniel Day Lewis for the European premiere of the multi-Oscar-winning movie “Lincoln” and a special commission to design a sneaker for Converse’s 125th birthday showcase his artistic versatility.

A rocky island in the ocean

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At the Edge of the World

In 2019, he ventured into the world of homeware, launching a collection with Tipperary Crystal. This collection, available in over one thousand stores, provides a captivating introduction to his art and is accessible both online and throughout the country.

His work has also earned a place in the state’s art collection by the Office of Public Works (O.P.W). Eoin O’Connor’s artwork is available for viewing and acquisition at his galleries in Gorey and Kinsale, as well as online at, where his remarkable artistic journey continues to captivate art enthusiasts worldwide. 

A close-up of a wave

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Waters Edge

Eoin O’Connor’s artistic voyage is a testament to his unwavering dedication to the craft, his relentless pursuit of excellence, and his ability to capture the essence of both the animal kingdom and the breathtaking landscapes of Ireland. As we celebrate his artistry today, we invite you to explore the world of Eoin O’Connor and experience the exciting, fresh, and original creations that continue to define his remarkable career. Whether you are drawn to his dynamic animal portraits or his captivating landscapes, Eoin’s work is an invitation to discover the vibrant heart of Irish contemporary art.