WTC Dublin Member Highlight: Beara Bitters

Co. Kildare
Our products are made from all organic spices and organic alcohol, and produced in Ireland to work with premium spirits in novel and interesting ways. Beara Bitters Aromatic is a great all round bitters. It has notes of allspice, cloves and star anise, with vanilla and cocoa sweetening the spicy aromatics. Great in an Old Fashioned, Mai Tai, and Long Vodka, Beara Bitters Orange is a great addition to any bar. It is intensely flavoured with dried orange and lemon peel, along with other exotic herbs and spices. Try it in a G&T, Martini or to lift a whiskey sour. Beara Bitters Smoked Pear is made by smoking a variety of pear cultivars to bring a fruity and smoky punch to the aromatics of allspice, gentian and vanilla amongst our balanced aromatic bouquet. Crafted to appeal to fans of smoke, our Smoked Pear bitters works well with Scotch or Mezcal, in a smoky Old Fashoned, a Rob Roy, floated on top of a Negroni, a smoky Martini or the Boulevardier.