WTC Dublin Member Highlight: Bambrew

Co. Westmeath
Back in 2018, Siobháin purchased a reusable cup for her partner René. He is out on the road all the time and loves his takeaway coffees, don’t we all! René was thrilled with his present and Siobháin was relieved that it was being used, instead of thrown in the back of a kitchen cupboard after only a few outings! René felt quite chuffed that he was no longer using single use cups for all of maybe 20 minutes and then going in the bin!! It was then that Siobháin decided to do a bit of research into how many single use cups were used in Ireland. She was shocked to discover that 22,000 single use coffee cups are disposed of in Ireland EVERY HOUR. ‘Hoomans’ have left our mark on Planet Earth in many seriously negative ways and it is now time to make some changes. Everyone can make a difference in leading a more sustainable life, small changes by millions of people would make a huge difference in the reduction of single use plastics ending up in landfill and in our oceans.

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Cleo Prickett

Cleo Prickett

Co. Meath
Cleo’s collection offers both originality and versatility – her aim is to create…

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