Dear World Trade Center Dublin Members,

“Inspiring” is my theme for this month’s newsletter. As I think about 2021, the adjective that best describes our members is just that, INSPIRING. Our members’ genuine optimism and pragmatic approach on their business journey this past year is evidence of their strategic and entrepreneurial spirit.

While the return to face-to-face, in person business continues to fluctuate around the globe, the importance of online e-commerce is paramount to staying in the sales game. The Irish government, through initiatives such as the Online Retail Scheme, continues to support small businesses in need of financial assistance to apply for grants to help subsidize the enhancement of their digital strategies and boost e-commerce offerings. Government funded initiatives like these coupled with the post-pandemic business landscape have changed how Buyers conduct business. McKinsey’s latest research shows that an estimated 70% of U.S. Buyers rely on social media to introduce them to new brands. This behavior change is here to stay.

Without a doubt, a cohesive social and digital marketing strategy is necessary to help grow a business. I once thought that Snapchat was something my teenage children used to send pictures of themselves to their friends. Snapchat reports that their users spend 20% more shopping online than the average consumer. I now believe that Snapchat plays a significant digital strategy role for brands and products who are selling direct to consumers.

Consumers are becoming more discerning and want to understand the benefits of purchasing a product. This dynamic is forcing wholesale Buyers to focus on the story behind each product they procure. With the rich history and background of each of our members – the story behind the land that the product is made on, the deep heritage of the business, the natural landscape of Ireland, complimented by the focus on health and sustainability measures – makes our World Trade Center Dublin members attractive not only to the U.S. but also the markets around the world.

The roadmap ahead for international trade continues to elicit both excitement and concern for exporters. The WTCD “3Ps” – Passion, People, and Price, continue to be the essential drivers for businesses who want to grow into new markets. It is not enough to move into a new market. Companies need to “Get Ready to Be Ready,” and we are prepared to assist you.

Thank you for INSPIRING us and being part of our global network.


Maureen Pace
World Trade Center Dublin / WebPort Global