January 23, 2015

Intern Testimonials

Interested in joining our Internship Program? Read our former interns’ testimonials!

Cooper LeczaCooper

Waltham, MA, USA

September 2015 – December 2015

I joined the World Trade Centre Dublin/WebPort Global team for a semester in 2015 with the hope of getting some business experience in another country during my study abroad experience. I thought that I would be able to get more of a taste of the culture and the country if I got out of the student bubble, and I was correct. I learned a lot more about the culture and the business customs of Ireland, and gained confidence through my work at WTCD/WPG. I was able to take responsibility for finding new customers, helping clients, and representing the company at conferences, all of which I really enjoyed. In addition, I loved the opportunity to work on a team with people from other countries. It’s rare to find a job where you enjoy going to work every day, but I had that at WTCD. Initially it was different doing higher-level work for a company and having serious obligations to clients, but I really valued taking on that responsibility and I can confidently say that it was the most valuable and enjoyable internship experience I’ve had.


Megan Yvorra

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

June  2016 – August  2016

I joined the WTC Dublin and WebPort Global internship program because I had previously fallen in love with Dublin, and by the end of my internship I knew that I had made the right choice. This was my first internship and was in a country that I did not have much experience with, so I was very nervous on my first day. However, everyone in the office was so friendly and helpful that my nerves were soon put to ease. It is a very open office where you are encouraged to talk with one another and ask for help whenever it is needed. As an intern, I was delighted when I was often presented with important tasks, an experience that can be hard to come by for interns in different companies. I also loved being surrounded by people from different countries. I am from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania but go to school in a tiny town in the middle of the state where there is no diversity. Getting to meet people from around the world was one of the greatest things I took from this internship. I had the most amazing experience, and I miss it everyday!


Théo LaurentTheo


April – August 2015

I was a part of the World Trade Centre /Webport Global internship program for 4 months. That period was very special for me and contributed a lot of positive things, both on a professional and personal level. Indeed, the World Trade Centre/Webport Global allowed me to work in a foreign context, which also enabled me to discover new places, new cultures and meet new people. Ireland is really beautiful and charming, landscapes are fabulous, the atmosphere is peaceful and people are really friendly. The World Trade Centre/Webport Global office is made of international people. Thanks to this multicultural environment, I could interact with people from all around the world, learn about very different cultures and be aware of global current events. Personally, what I preferred about working for these organizations was the responsibility and autonomy given to me. Thanks to the World Trade Centre and Webport Global I attended and participated in interesting and important events, ran a marketing campaign, did a lot of market research for companies and so on. Those 4 months were intense and emotional and I am proud to have participated in the work of these two international organizations.