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Exporting provides additional sources of revenue and diversifies you risk, ensuring stability and ongoing success within your business. Once well-established within the global market, you enhance the opportunity for long-term growth while increasing the potential to expand your customer base. Organizations both big and small take part in exporting their products around the world each and every day.  

Educating yourself and any staff on export processes along with the inherent risks involved can benefit your company significantly. With your preparation and our extensive resources and knowledge, exporting your products has never been more feasible.  

World Trade Center Dublin provides the necessary tools and information to guide you through the entire export process. WTCD staff will also keep you up to date any regulatory issues or trade developments applicable to your business processes and profitability.  

Ireland Export Facts
  • 11.9% of Irish small-to-medium enterprises are International exporters  
  • 96% of exporting companies in Ireland are SME’s  
  • €60 billion (51%) of Irish exports went to members of the European Union  
  • The United States, Belgium and Great Britain are Ireland top export destinations


Ireland Import Facts
  • Ireland top import products are Planes, Helicopters & Spacecraft, Packaged Medicaments, Cars, and Computers 
  • The top import locations are the United Kingdom, United States and Germany  
  • In September 2018, €8.5 billion in products was imported into Ireland



The potential benefits from sourcing products and services from overseas suppliers cannot be understated. Your company can attain access to goods and raw material that are of higher quality, more affordable or inaccessible in your region. As a result, companies can significantly increase their competitive advantages or decrease their bottom-line operational costs from sourcing overseas.  

With any business venture, it is essential to educate oneself on the risks and opportunities involved. Importing is no different, as the process should be researched and understood in its entirety. It is equally important to secure trusted partners to alleviate the risks that are involved in international transactions.  

All essential information and tools needed to make an informed business decision are readily available through a partnership with WTCD.  

We encourage you to continue to refer to this site and its resources to stay informed. By utilizing our Education Training courses, you can educate yourself and staff. You can gain knowledge and receive advice on import opportunities and issues through the experiences of our experts. If you have any inquiries; please do not hesitate to reach out to our well-informed trade advisors.