Opening a World of Export Opportunities



Exporting provides additional sources of revenue and diversifies your risk, ensuring stability and ongoing success within your business. Once well established within the global market, you enhance your potential for long-term growth and to significantly expand your potential customer base. Companies big and small take part in exporting on a daily basis.

As with most international transactions, exporting can involve a certain amount of risk. Educating yourself and your staff on the export process and risks can benefit you hugely.

The World Trade Centre Dublin provides tools and information for the entire export process as well as important updates on regulatory issues that may affect your exports and business.

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The benefits from sourcing products and services from overseas suppliers can be enormous. Companies can access quality goods and raw materials that are higher quality and can save a vast amount of money in the process. As a result companies can significantly increase their competitive advantages from sourcing overseas.

Most international business involves some form of risk and importing is no different. It is important to educate yourself and your employees on the process of importing and it is equally important to secure trusted partners to alleviate the risks that are involved in international transactions.

At the World Trade Centre Dublin we make available all the essential information and tools that you need for the full import process and we provide frequent updates on regulatory issues that may impact your imports.

We encourage you to refer to this site regularly when it comes to your import needs and if you have questions don’t hesitate to contact one of our trade advisors. Gain knowledge from the experiences of experts on import issues and educate your staff through our Education Training courses.