November 5, 2012


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More than a building or an organisation, a World Trade Centre (WTC) is a thriving microcosm of the businesses, services, organisations and individuals, involved in the world of trade. A global commerce site which offers prime interactivity and exposure to the businesses driving international trade.

WTCs stimulate local, national and global economies within the framework of a virtual marketplace; a Centre-point of access and exposure critical for international trade success. “A World Trade Centre in any city is a business shopping Centre, complementing and supporting the existing services of private and government agencies,” explains World Trade Centre Association (WTCA) Founder, Guy F. Tozzoli.

Information, expertise and energy – elements essential to successful trade on a global scale – power the WTC environment, enabling immediate access to the valuable expertise that drives export of all kinds.


World Trade Centre Association (WTCA) History: The WTCA is a not-for-profit, non-political association that exists to foster the development and success of international business trade. Its membership includes nearly 300 WTCs in almost 100 countries. Over 750,000 companies are affiliated with WTCA members worldwide.

The WTCA was established in 1970 to facilitate international trade and to offer exporters, importers and service providers a resource and commerce base. The first of these pioneer Centres were built in Houston, New Orleans, New York and Tokyo, after which the World Trade Centre Association was borne.


World Trade Centre Dublin: WTCD Logo for official use

The World Trade Centre Dublin (WTCD) provides business and trade organisations across Ireland with a gateway to new international trade opportunities, collaboration, and education. It also serves as a resource for companies around the world seeking trade opportunities in Ireland.

The WTCD is dedicated to helping the business community in Ireland achieve its international trading objectives through collaboration, knowledge sharing and commercial networking opportunities.

World-class connections: World Trade Centre Dublin is committed to forging strong partnerships both at home and abroad in partnership with the Drew Company of Boston; a strategic partnership which enables the WTCD to develop and deliver a range of initiatives, trade programmes, expert understanding and trade collaborations that cross international boundaries. By leveraging the vast resources and competencies of its world-class facilities, WTCD bridges the international divides, where Ireland and the global trade community come together.

WebPort Global: wpg_logo

In collaboration with WTC Dublin, Irish businesses can gain access to a world of people, knowledge and opportunities through WebPort Global (WPG).  WPG is a global business-to-business portal; a virtual access point to the resources, community, networks and opportunities critical to growth and success in international trade for small and mid-sized businesses.

WPG’s key business offerings include:

Connect and Collaborate – a place for individuals and companies to establish and formalise business networking and collaboration opportunities. Members can share business interests, ask questions, create work groups, manage workflows and develop an infrastructure of communication among multiple organisations.

Learn – a vast collection of research, information and educational resources, including e-Learning, that bolsters and supports the development of key trade-related competencies. In addition to static information, through Learn, WPG provides access to in-house and global experts to answer member-specific trade related queries and help address more complex transactions and issues.

Buy/Sell – a virtual trading marketplace, where companies create online catalogues and showcases for their products and services. Buy/Sell offers a robust match-making capability, along with a vetted, trusted membership base and timely, relevant trade listings and sourcing opportunities. WPG supports buyer and seller certifications and ratings.


Experienced Management:    

The World Trade Centre Dublin is the product of the experienced leadership of global trade professionals and innovators from around the world. John E. Drew, Chairman WTCD, is founder and President of the Drew Company. Mr. Drew is Vice Chairman of the World Trade Centres Association, Chairman of the Seaport World Trade Centre in Boston, and Chairman of Trade Centre Management Associates, which manages both the Ronald Reagan Building and the International Trade Centre in Washington D.C. Mr. Drew has gained national and international recognition for innovation, excellence and civic leadership, and is a recognised authority on public-private partnerships and development.

John Drew profile 

“We see World Trade Centre Dublin as the natural platform for global commerce

between USA, Ireland and the rest of the world”   – John E. Drew        





   Seaport Boston World Trade Centre                                                                          

    Ronald Reagan Building & International Trade Ctr Ext 2                         

   Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Centre



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